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Our Story

We began building Harvest Moon in 2007 when our three youngest children begged us to sell pumpkins by the side of the road.

Customers often asked us to host a fall festival or barn dance. So we did. It was only one weekend----and it was the longest weekend of my life. I was super nervous that no one would come AND that everyone would come! 


As that weekend came to a close, I vowed that I would never do that again! Skip to present day, the Pumpkin Patch has grown beyond anything we ever prayed for, and we feel truly blessed to serve our guests and our community. 

Mark and I have raised six wonderful (and often strange) kids on this land and it is the hub of where we love to gather. It naturally followed that when my sister Treva decided to marry the love of her life, they flew in from L.A. to get married here. Then our daughter Kelsey did. Then our daughter Kiersten. And now our son James. After Treva's wedding, many families began to ask to have their weddings here as well. Now nearly every weekend in the spring and summer families gather here to say their vows and celebrate their love.

A family Effort

We love our family more than anything, and we are so lucky that our children all live within about an hour's drive and that they've all had their own stamp on this farm. Whitney brings Bible Study group after group to visit in the fall. Josh, James, Jesse and Mark built our beautiful barn. Kelsey does graphic design for the business and does artwork on the farm. Kiersten manages the kitchen and the pumpkin displays, and Jesse makes sure all technology runs smoothly. Now our grandchildren have started to work on the farm too!

We're blessed to have the most incredible staff I have known....great adults and energetic teenagers! Kindness and serving others is our main goal.


I guess if we could be known for anything----I'd like it to be that we are passionate gatherers of people!  Can't wait to meet you at the farm!

we've Grown a lot over the years

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